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Undoing or redoing an action
Undoing or redoing an action
One of the strengths of Excel is how easily it lets you change the
formatting, layout, and structure of your workbooks. However,
sometimes you might not have made the exact change that you
wanted. If that’s the case and you haven’t closed the workbook
since you made the change you want to get rid of, you can
easily undo your changes by clicking the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar. Excel keeps a record of your changes,
which you can see by clicking the down arrow at the right edge
of the Undo button. When you reverse a change by clicking
the Undo button, Excel displays the Redo button. Clicking the
Redo button, as you might expect, reapplies the last change you
undid. If you have made a change but haven’t clicked the Undo
button, Excel displays the Repeat button, which you can click to
apply the last change to a new selection.
Undo or redo an action
1 Click the Undo button.
2 Alternatively, click the Redo button.
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