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Pasting values with more control
Pasting values with more control
When you cut or copy cells, you write a copy of the cells’
contents and formatting to the Clipboard. When you paste the cells
back into a worksheet, Excel pastes the values, formulas, and
formatting associated with the cells. However, you’re not limited
to such simple pasting behavior; you can choose to paste just
the cell’s formula, just a formula’s result, paste everything except
the cells’ borders, or even paste an image of the item, which
you can click to display the item you copied.
Table 4-1 lists the advanced paste options you can use.
Paste values with more control
1 Cut or copy a value.
2 Click the cell into which you want to paste your values.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 In the Clipboard group, click the Paste button’s down arrow.
5 Select the action that you want to take.
TIP After you paste data you’ve cut or copied from a cell,
Excel displays an option button asking how you want to format
the data you’re pasting. The options that appear depend on the
formatting of the data you copied or cut.
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