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Clearing cell contents
Navigating the worksheet
Using the mouse and keyboard, you can move from cell
to cell in a worksheet, move up or down a page at a time,
or move to the first or last cell in a row. Table 4-2 lists the
keyboard shortcuts you can use in addition to the scroll bars
and sheet tabs that you use with your mouse.
Table 4-2
Worksheet navigation keyboard shortcuts
Left arrow
Move one cell left.
Right arrow
Move one cell right.
Up arrow
Move one cell up.
Down arrow
Move one cell down.
Move one cell down.
Move one cell to the right.
Move to cell A1.
Move to the last used cell in the
Page Up
Move up one page.
Page Down
Move down one page.
Ctrl+arrow key
Move to the next cell with data in the
direction of the arrow key. If there is not
another cell with data in that direction,
you move to the last cell in the worksheet
in that direction.
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