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Finding and replacing text
Replace a word or value
1 Click the Home tab.
2 In the Editing group, click Find & Select.
3 Click Replace.
4 Type the text that you want to replace.
5 Type the text that you want to take the place of the existing text.
6 Click Find Next, and then click the associated button in the Find
And Replace dialog box to perform any of the following actions:
a Click Replace to replace the text.
b Click Find Next to skip this instance of the text and move to the
next time it occurs.
c Click Replace All to replace every instance of the text.
7 Click Close.
CAUTIoN Clicking Replace All is a quick way to change every
occurrence of one value to another value, but it can also have
unintended consequences. For example, changing “ear” to “bear”
would change “hearing” to “hbearing.” It’s much safer to use Find Next
and verify each change.
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