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Section 5: Managing and viewing worksheets
viewing worksheets 5
Managing and
In this section:
After you build your workbook, you can reorganize it as needed. If you
Viewing and selecting worksheets
use data in a specific worksheet often, you can move the worksheet
to the front of the workbook. Similarly, if you often switch between two
worksheets, you can put their sheet tabs next to each other so that you
don’t have to spend as much time moving from one worksheet to the
other. Another way that you can save time is to enter the same data or
apply the same formatting to multiple cells in several worksheets at the
same time.
Renaming worksheets
Moving and copying worksheets within
a workbook or between workbooks
Inserting and deleting worksheets
Inserting and deleting columns, rows,
and cells
Hiding and unhiding columns and rows
Finally, you can change how Excel displays your data in a workbook. If you
have a series of headings in the first row of a worksheet, they don’t have
to disappear when you scroll down. Instead, you can have Excel freeze the
rows at the top of the screen and then you can scroll down as far as you
want without losing your guides at the top.
Freezing worksheet rows and columns
Splitting a worksheet into independent
Saving custom worksheet views
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