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Viewing and selecting worksheets
viewing and selecting worksheets
Every Excel workbook should hold data on a given subject, such
as products you carry, your customers, or your sales. By the
same token, every page, or worksheet, in a workbook should
store part of the workbook’s data. One way to divide your data
is by time. For example, if you track your sales by the hour, you
could easily fit a month’s worth of data in a worksheet; at most,
you would need 31 rows to cover every day and, if your store
is open around the clock, 24 columns to take care of the hours.
You can view individual worksheets quickly, and it’s simple to
work with more than one worksheet at a time.
Select multiple worksheets
1 Click the sheet tab of the first worksheet that you want to select.
2 Hold down the Ctrl key, and click the sheet tabs of additional
worksheets that you want to select.
TIP You can select all worksheets in a workbook by
rightclicking any sheet tab and choosing Select All Sheets from the
shortcut menu.
TRY ThIS To select multiple adjacent worksheets, click the
first worksheet, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last
sheet tab that you want to select.
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