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Moving worksheets
Moving worksheets
Business needs change—the data that was so important
yesterday might be of only passing significance today. In fact, if a new
customer sends a big order your way, you might spend most
of your time adding to and reading from a worksheet that you
haven’t looked at more than twice in the previous month. If that
worksheet is at the back of your workbook, you can move it to
the front to make it easier to find in the workbook. Or, if you
keep every other worksheet relating to that customer in a
separate workbook, you can move the worksheet from its current
spot to its rightful place in the other workbook.
Move worksheets within the workbook
1 Drag the sheet tab of the worksheet that you want to move.
Indicator showing where the sheet
will be moved
Move worksheets to another workbook
1 Open the workbook that will receive the worksheets.
2 Switch to the workbook that contains the worksheets that you want
to move, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the sheet tabs of the
worksheets that you want to move.
3 Right-click the selection.
4 Choose Move Or Copy from the shortcut menu.
5 Click the To Book down arrow.
6 Click the workbook to which you want to move the worksheets.
7 Click OK.
TIP If the destination workbook has a different Office theme
applied to it, selecting the Match Destination Theme check box
causes the copied worksheet to take on the target workbook’s
TIP If you want to position a worksheet last in a workbook,
right-click the worksheet that you want to move, choose Move
Or Copy from the shortcut menu, click Move To End, and click OK.
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