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Copying worksheets
Copying worksheets
After you finish adding data to a worksheet—such as at the end
of a calendar month, when you create a new worksheet to store
data for the next month—you might want to include the entire
worksheet as part of a monthly overview presentation to your
general manager. Rather than keep all the worksheets in their
original workbooks and flip from document to document when
you create your presentation, you can copy the worksheet from
the current workbook (and any other worksheets with data that
you want to include) to a central document. Going from
worksheet to worksheet is much easier than going from workbook to
Copy worksheets within the workbook
Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the worksheet that you want to
copy to the new location.
Copy worksheets to another workbook
1 Open the workbook that will receive the new worksheets.
2 Switch to the workbook that contains the worksheets that you want
to copy, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the sheet tabs of the
worksheets that you want to copy.
3 Right-click the selection.
4 Choose Move Or Copy from the shortcut menu.
5 Select the Create A Copy check box.
6 Click the To Book down arrow.
7 Click the workbook to which you want to copy the worksheet(s).
Click OK.
CAUTIoN If you don’t hold down the Ctrl key while you drag
the sheet tab of the worksheet that you want to copy, you just
move the worksheet to a new location in the workbook.
TIP Select the New Book option from the To Book list to copy
the selected worksheet or worksheets to a new workbook.
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