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Inserting and deleting worksheets
Inserting and deleting worksheets
If you haven’t changed Excel from the way it was installed, any
workbooks that you create will contain one worksheet. One
worksheet provides plenty of room if you’re working at home
and is perhaps all you need for small projects, but you’ll run out
of space quickly if you’re tracking products or monthly sales.
Adding or deleting a worksheet takes just a moment, but if you
want to delete a worksheet, be sure you’re getting rid of the
right one!
Insert a blank worksheet
1 Right-click the sheet tab of the worksheet that follows the location
where you want to insert a worksheet.
2 Choose Insert from the shortcut menu.
3 Double-click Worksheet.
TIP If you want to insert a worksheet at the end of the
workbook, click the New Sheet, which looks like a plus sign in a
circle, at the right edge of the tab bar.
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