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Hiding or showing a worksheet
hiding or showing a worksheet
If you build a workbook that contains a lot of worksheets, you
might find it easier to navigate the workbook if you can’t see
the sheet tabs of the worksheets that you’re not using. You can
hide the sheet tabs of worksheets so that they don’t appear
in the Excel window, reducing clutter and letting you find the
worksheets that you are using, with no trouble.
hide a worksheet
1 Hold down the Ctrl key, and click the sheet tabs of the worksheets
that you want to hide.
2 Right-click any selected worksheet tab and then choose Hide.
Unhide a hidden worksheet
1 Right-click any worksheet tab.
2 Click Unhide.
3 Click the worksheet that you want to unhide.
4 Click OK.
TIP After you unhide a worksheet, Excel displays that
worksheet immediately.
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