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Inserting, moving, and deleting cells
Inserting, moving, and deleting cells
There’s very little that’s more frustrating than creating a large
worksheet and discovering that you forgot to enter data in a
few cells. If you’re new to Excel, you might be tempted to cut
the existing cells and paste them a few cells below their current
location to make room for the new data. But that’s too much
like work; there’s an easier way to insert a few cells to give you
the room that you need. Similarly, it’s not that difficult to move
a group of cells to a new location in your worksheet or to delete
a group of cells that contains data that you entered by accident.
After you insert or delete cells, you can choose how to move
existing cells to make room for the new cells or to fill in the
space left by the deleted cells.
Inserting cells in a worksheet
1 Select the cells in the spot where you want to insert new cells.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 In the Cells group, click the Insert button’s down arrow.
4 Click Insert Cells.
5 Select the option button representing how you want to move the
existing cells to make room for the inserted cells.
Click OK.
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