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Inserting, moving, and deleting cells
Move cells in a worksheet
1 Select the cells that you want to move.
2 Move the mouse pointer over the outline of the selected cells.
3 Drag the cells to the new location.
Delete cells in a worksheet
1 Select the cells that you want to delete.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 In the Cells group, click the Delete button’s down arrow.
4 Click Delete Cells.
5 Select the option button representing how you want the remaining
cells to fill in the deleted space.
6 Click OK.
3 4
CAUTIoN Because Excel doesn’t highlight an entire row or
column when you click a single cell, it is possible to be a bit
inaccurate if you attempt to delete a row or column by clicking a cell
and then clicking the Entire Row or Entire Column option in the Delete
dialog box. It’s better to follow the procedure listed in the following
section, where you click the row or column header so that you can see
the entire row or column to be deleted.
TIP As you drag the cells in the worksheet, Excel displays an
outline where the cells would go when you release the mouse
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