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Entering work resource names
Equipment resource considerations
In Project, you set up people and equipment resources in exactly the same way; they
are both examples of work resources. However, you should be aware of important
differences in how you can schedule these two work resources. Most people resources
have a typical working day of 8 hours and usually no more than 12 hours, but
equipment resources might have much more varied capacities for work, ranging from short
durations (followed by maintenance) to around-the-clock sessions without
interruption. Moreover, people resources might be flexible in the tasks they can perform, but
equipment resources tend to be more specialized. For example, a content editor for
a book project might also act as a copyeditor in a pinch, but a desktop copy machine
cannot replace a printing press.
You do not need to track every piece of equipment that will be used in your plan, but
you might want to set up equipment resources when
Multiple teams or people might need a piece of equipment to accomplish
different tasks simultaneously, and the equipment might be overbooked.
You want to plan and track costs associated with the equipment.
Consider these issues if your plans involve equipment resources.
Project can help you make smarter decisions about managing work resources and
monitoring financial costs.
TIP If you and your team members have Lync 2010 or later installed, you can start instant
messaging, voice calls, or video calls directly from resource lists in Project. Point to the
presence indicator next to resource names.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you have a good start on the new book launch’s task
list. You are now ready to set up the work resources needed to complete the new book
launch at Lucerne Publishing. As with the task list, you expect some future changes to the
resource details as you learn more about the project, but you have enough information to
get started now.
In this exercise, you enter the names of several work resources.
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