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Entering resources’ maximum capacity
In the Resource Name field, below the last resource, type Copyeditors , and then
press Enter.
TIP If you find you need to add a new resource to your list and you want to add
the new resource at a point other than at the end of the list, here’s how. Select the
resource name that you want to appear directly below the new resource. On the
Resource tab, in the Insert group, click Add Resources and then select the resource
type you want.
What is the best way to enter resource names?
In Project, work resource names can refer to specific people (Sharon Salavaria) or
to specific job titles, such as Publisher or Contract Specialist. Use whatever naming
convention makes the most sense to you and to those who will see your plan. The
important questions are these: who will see these resource names, and how will they
identify the resources? The resource names you choose will appear both in Project
and in any resource information shared from Project. Here are two examples. In the
default Gantt Chart view, the name of each resource appears next to the bars of the
tasks to which that resource is assigned. In the Resource Overview report, the name
of each resource appears on the axis of the Resource Stats and Work Status charts, as
well as in the Resource Status table.
A resource might refer to somebody who is already on staff or to a position to be
filled later. If you have not yet filled all the resource positions required, you might not
have the names of specific people to enter. In that case, use descriptive placeholder
names or job titles when setting up resources in Project.
Entering resources’ maximum capacity
The Max. Units field represents the maximum capacity of a resource to work on the tasks
assigned to that resource. Specifying that a resource has 100% maximum units means that
100 percent of that resource’s working time is available to work on assigned tasks in the
plan. Project will alert you with an indicator and red formatting if you assign the resource
to more tasks than the resource can accomplish at 100 percent maximum units (in other
words, if the resource becomes overallocated ). 100% is the default Max. Units value for
new resources.
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