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Entering resources’ maximum capacity
For a resource that represents not a specific person but a category of interchangeable
people with a common skill set, you can enter a larger maximum units value to indicate
the number of available people. Entering a maximum units value such as 800% for such a
resource means you can expect that eight individual people who all belong to that resource
category will be available to work full-time every workday.
For a resource that has a working schedule that is less than full-time, you can enter a
smaller maximum units value. Entering a maximum units value such as 75% for such a
resource means you can expect that resource’s capacity to be three quarters of a full-time
resource. For a 40-hour work week, this equals 30 hours of capacity. Note that such a
part-time working capacity might apply to a part-time worker or to a full-time worker who
is allocated to a specific project only part-time.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you need to change the default 100% maximum
units value for some resources. You learned that the equivalent of four copyeditors will be
allocated to the new book launch. You also have one resource in the plan, Sharon Salavaria,
who works for Lucerne half-time.
In this exercise, you adjust the Max. Units values for one resource that represents multiple
people and for another resource whose capacity to work in this plan is less than full-time.
Click the Max. Units field for the Copyeditors resource.
Type or select 400% , and then press Enter.
TIP When you click a numeric value in a field like Max. Units, up and down arrows
appear. You can click these to display the number you want, or simply type the
number in the field.
Next you’ll update the Max. Units value for Sharon Salavaria to indicate that she
works half time.
Click the Max. Units field for Sharon Salavaria , type or select 50% , and then press
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