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Entering resource pay rates
TIP If you prefer, you can enter maximum units as partial or whole numbers (such
as .5, 1, 4) rather than as percentages (such as 50%, 100%, 400%). To use this format,
on the File tab, click Options. In the Project Options dialog box, click on the Schedule
tab. Under the Schedule heading, in the Show Assignment Units As A box, click
With these changes to Max. Units, Project will identify these resources as being
overallocated when their assigned work exceeds their capacities. You will work with
resource overallocation in Chapter 11.
Entering resource pay rates
Almost all projects have some financial aspect, and cost limits the scope of many projects.
Tracking and managing cost information in Project allows the project manager to answer
such important questions as
What is the expected total cost of the project based on task durations and resource
Is the organization using expensive resources to do work that less expensive resources
could do?
How much money will a specific type of resource or task cost over the life of the
Is the organization spending money at a rate that it can sustain for the planned
duration of the project?
In Project, you can enter standard rates and costs per use for work and material resources,
as well as overtime rates for work resources. Recall that in Project there are three types of
resources: work, material, and cost. Cost resources do not use pay rates and are described
later in this chapter.
When a work resource has a standard pay rate entered and is assigned to a task, Project
calculates the cost of the assignment. Project does so by multiplying the assignment’s work
value by the resource’s pay rate—both using a common increment of time (such as hours).
You can then see the cost per resource, cost per assignment, and cost per task (as well as
costs rolled up to summary tasks and the entire plan). You will assign resources to tasks in
Chapter 6, “Assigning resources to tasks.”
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