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Entering resource pay rates
Project handles overtime expenses differently. Project will apply the overtime pay rate only
when you specifically record overtime hours for an assignment. You will find more
information about working with overtime in Chapter 16, “Getting your project back on track.”
Project does not automatically calculate overtime hours and associated costs because
there’s too great a chance that it would apply overtime when you did not intend it. In the
scenario for the new book’s launch, Jun Cao’s working schedule provides a good example.
In the next section, you will set up a working schedule of 10 hours per day, four days per
week for Jun (a “four-by-ten” work schedule). This is still a regular 40-hour workweek, even
though two hours per day could be mistaken for overtime with the normal assumption of
an eight-hour day.
In addition to or instead of cost rates, a resource can include a set fee that Project accrues
to each task to which the resource is assigned. This is called a cost per use . Unlike cost rates,
the cost per use does not vary with the task’s duration or amount of work the resource
performs on the task. You specify the cost per use in the Cost/Use field in the Resource Sheet
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you received the pay rates for the work resources
involved in the new book launch from your payroll department. These pay rates are a mix
of hourly and weekly rates. You need to enter these pay rates in the new book launch’s plan.
In this exercise, you enter standard and overtime pay rates for work resources.
In the Resource Sheet, click the Std. Rate field for Jun Cao .
Type 42 and press Enter.
Jun’s standard hourly rate of $42 appears in the Std. Rate column. Note that the
default standard rate is hourly, so you did not need to specify cost per hour.
In the Std. Rate field for Sharon Salavaria , type 1100/w and press Enter.
Sharon’s weekly pay rate appears in the Std. Rate column. (You might need to widen
the column to fully see the pay rates, as shown here.)
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