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Entering resource pay rates
Enter the following standard pay rates for the given resources:
Resource Name
Standard Rate
Toby Nixon
Toni Poe
Leave at 0 (Toni is the topic author, and you’re not tracking her
rate-based costs in this plan.)
Zac Woodall
TIP You might need to widen some columns to see the full column headings and
values as shown here.
As you can see, you can enter pay rates with a variety of time bases—hourly (the
default), daily, weekly, and so on. In fact, you can enter pay rates in all the increments
of time for which you can enter task durations—from minutes to years.
Next you will enter an overtime pay rate for one of the resources.
In the field for the overtime rate (labeled Ovt. Rate ) for Jun Cao , type 63 , and then
press Enter.
TIP If you work with a large number of resources who have the same standard or
overtime pay rates, you can set up Project to apply these pay rates automatically
whenever you add a new resource. To do this, on the File tab, click Options. In the
Project Options dialog box, click Advanced. Under the heading General Options For
This Project, select the Automatically Add New Resources And Tasks check box and
then enter the default pay rates you want.
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