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Adjusting working time in a resource calendar
Project management focus: Getting resource cost
Work resources can account for the majority of costs in many projects. To take full
advantage of the extensive cost-management features in Project, the project
manager ideally should know the costs associated with each work resource. For people
resources, it might be difficult to obtain such information. In many organizations,
only senior management and human resource specialists know the pay rates of all
resources working on a project, and they might consider this information
confidential. Depending on your organizational policies and project priorities, you might not
be able to track resource pay rates. If you cannot track resource cost information and
your project is constrained by cost, your effectiveness as a project manager might be
reduced, and the sponsors of your projects should understand this limitation.
If you do include cost details in your plan and this is considered sensitive information,
consider requiring a password to open such plans. To set a password, click the File tab
and then click Save As. Select the location you want, and then click Browse. In the Save
As dialog box, click Tools and then click General Options.
Another strategy to consider is to use averaged burdened rates for people resources.
A burdened rate is a pay rate plus overhead costs per worker. An averaged burdened
rate describes everyone in general, but no one in particular.
Adjusting working time in a resource
Project uses different types of calendars for different purposes. In Chapter 3, “Starting a
new plan,” you modified the project calendar to specify nonworking days for the entire
project. In this section, your focus is the resource calendar. A resource calendar controls the
working and nonworking times of a specific resource. Project uses a resource calendar to
determine when work for a resource can be scheduled. Resource calendars apply only to
work resources (people and equipment), not to material or cost resources.
When you initially create resources in a plan, Project creates a resource calendar for each
work resource. The initial working-time settings for resource calendars exactly match those
of the project calendar, which by default is the Standard base calendar . The Standard base
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