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Adjusting working time in a resource calendar
On the Exceptions tab in the Change Working Time dialog box, click in the first row
directly below the Name column heading and type Toby attending a conference .
The description for the calendar exception is a handy reminder for you and others
who might view the plan later.
Click in the Start field, and type or select 1/23/15 .
To see the updated calendar preview in the dialog box, click in the Finish field.
TIP Alternatively, in the calendar in the Change Working Time dialog box you
can first select the date or date range for which you want to create an exception,
and then enter the exception name. Project will insert the Start and Finish dates
automatically based on your selection; after it does that, press the Enter key.
Every work resource calendar is based on the project calendar;
the default project calendar is the Standard base calendar.
Project will not schedule work for Toby on this January 23. Note also that January
22 is a nonworking day. That day is the staff morale event calendar exception in the
project calendar you created in Chapter 3.
NOTE To set up a partial working-time exception for a resource, such as a portion of a
day when a resource cannot work, click Details. In the Details dialog box, you can also
create recurring exceptions to the resource’s availability.
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