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Documenting resources with notes
department has asked you to track travel expenses in the plan. You’ll do so via a cost
In this exercise, you’ll set up a cost resource.
In the Resource Sheet view, click the next empty cell in the Resource Name column.
Type Travel and press the Tab key.
In the Type field, click Cost .
In Chapter 6, you will assign this cost resource to a task.
Documenting resources with notes
You might recall from Chapter 4, “Building a task list,” that you can record additional
information about a task, resource, or assignment in a note . For example, if a resource has
flexible skills that can help the project, it is a good idea to record this in a note. That way,
the note resides in the plan and can be easily viewed or printed.
In Chapter 4, you entered a task note by clicking the Notes button on the Task tab of the
Properties group. You can enter resource notes in a similar way (by clicking the Notes
button on the Resource tab of the Properties group), but in this exercise, you’ll use a different
method. You’ll use the Resource form, which allows you to view and edit notes for multiple
resources more quickly.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you collected some resource details that would be
valuable to record in the plan. For one resource, you want to record some relevant work
history, and for another resource, you have a clarifying note about her pay rate.
In this exercise, you’ll enter notes in the Resource Form view.
In the Resource Name column, click Toby Nixon .
On the Resource tab, in the Properties group, click the Details button.
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