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Documenting resources with notes
TIP You can also click Details, Resource Form on the View tab of the Split View group.
The Resource Form view appears below the Resource Sheet view
In this type of split view, details about the selected item in the upper view (a resource,
in this case) appear in the lower view. You can quickly change the selected resource
name in the upper view by clicking directly on a name, using the up arrow or down
arrow keys, or clicking Previous or Next in the Resource Form view.
The Resource Form view can display one of several details; initially, it displays the
Schedule details. Next you’ll switch it to display the Notes details.
Click anywhere in the Resource Form view.
With the focus now on the Resource Form, the contextual label of the Format tab
changes to Resource Form Tools.
On the Format tab, in the Details group, click Notes .
TIP You can also right-click in the gray background area of the Resource Form view
and, in the shortcut menu that appears, click Notes.
The Notes details appear in the Resource Form view.
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