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Chapter 6: Assigning resources to tasks
Assigning resources to
Assign work resources to tasks.
Control how Project schedules additional resource assignments.
Assign cost resources to tasks.
Check on key schedule indicators for duration, cost, and work.
In Chapter 4, “Building a task list,” and Chapter 5, “Setting up resources,” you created tasks
and resources. You are now ready to assign resources to tasks. An assignment is the
matching of a resource to a task to do work . From the perspective of a task, you might call the
process of assigning a resource a task assignment ; from the perspective of a resource, you
might call it a resource assignment . It is the same thing in either case: a task plus a resource
equals an assignment.
IMPORTANT When we talk about resources throughout this chapter, we are talking about work
resources (people and equipment) unless we specify material or cost resources. For a refresher on
resource types, see Chapter 5.
You do not have to assign resources to tasks in Microsoft Project 2013; you could work only
with tasks. However, there are several good reasons for assigning resources in your plan.
When you assign resources to tasks, you can answer questions such as
Who should be working on what tasks and when?
Do you have the correct number of resources to accomplish the scope of work that
your project requires?
Are you expecting a resource to work on a task at a time when that resource will not
be available to work (for example, when someone will be on vacation)?
Have you assigned a resource to so many tasks that you have exceeded the capacity
of the resource to work—in other words, have you overallocated the resource?
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