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Assigning work resources to tasks
In this chapter, you assign work resources to tasks, and you determine when resource
assignments should affect task duration and when they should not. You then assign a cost
resource and see what effect it has on a task.
PRACTICE FILES Before you can complete the exercises in this chapter, you need to copy
the book’s practice files to your computer. A complete list of practice files is provided in
“Download the practice files” at the beginning of this topic. For each exercise that has a
practice file, simply browse to where you saved the book’s practice file folder.
IMPORTANT If you are running Project Professional with Project Web App/Project Server, take
care not to save any of the practice files you work with in this topic to Project Web App (PWA). For
more information, see Appendix C, “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint, and PWA.”
Assigning work resources to tasks
By assigning a work resource to a task, you can track the progress of the resource’s work on
the task. If you enter resource pay rates, Project also calculates resource and task costs for
Assigning work resources to tasks enables Project’s scheduling engine to calculate with all
three variables of the so-called scheduling formula : work, duration, and assignment units.
In fact, when you assign a work resource to a task with a duration greater than zero, Project
then calculates the resulting work value following the scheduling formula. The scheduling
formula is described in detail later in the chapter, following the hands-on activity.
You might recall from Chapter 5 that the capacity of a resource to work is measured in units
(a level-of-effort measurement) and recorded in the Max. Units field. The specific
assignment of a work resource to a task involves an assignment units value, normally expressed as
a percentage. Unless you specify otherwise, Project assigns 100 percent of the units for the
resource to the task—that is, Project assumes that all the resource’s work time can be
allotted to the task. If the resource has less than 100 percent maximum units, Project assigns the
resource’s Max. Units value.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you are ready to make the initial resource assignments
in the new book launch plan. Because you previously accounted for the pay rates of work
resources, you also want to see the initial cost and duration calculations of the plan for later
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