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Assigning work resources to tasks
If you completed Chapter 5, you might recognize that the Task Form is similar to the
Resource Form but shows different details. In this type of split view, the details about
the selected item in the upper view (a task, in this case) appear in the lower view. The
Task Form displays one of several details. Next you’ll change the displayed details.
Click anywhere in the Task Form view and then, on the Format tab, in the Details
group, click Work .
The Work details appear.
Now in the Task Form view, you can see the essential scheduling values for this task:
1 week duration, 40 hours of work, and 100% assignment units. Because the Task
Form is a handy way to see a task’s duration, units, and work values, leave it displayed
for now.
Using the Assign Resources dialog box, assign the following resources to tasks. As
you do so, note the Duration , Units , and Work values in the Task Form view.
For this task Assign this resource
4, Schedule author interviews Jun Cao
5, Design and order marketing material Toby Nixon
When you are finished, your screen should look similar to the following illustration:
TIP If you accidentally assign the wrong resource, you can quickly undo the
assignment. On the Quick Access toolbar, click Undo. Or press Ctrl + Z.
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