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Assigning work resources to tasks
Next you will assign two resources to a single task.
In the Task Name column, click the name of task 8, Kickoff book launch meeting .
In the Assign Resources dialog box, select the names of Sharon Salavaria and Toby
Nixon , and then click Assign .
TIP To select nonadjacent resource names, select the first name, hold down the Ctrl
key, and then select additional names. This technique also works with tasks and other
items in lists.
Sharon and Toby are assigned to the task. You can also see their names next to the
task 8 Gantt bar.
In the Assign Resources dialog box, click Close .
Recall from Chapter 5 that Sharon has a 50% Max. Units value to account for her
half-time availability. As a result, Project assigned her at 50% units.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll use a different means of assigning resources.
If the Resource Names column is not already visible, in the Gantt Chart view, drag
the vertical divider bar to the right.
Click in the Resource Names column for task 9, Plan author’s travel itinerary , and
then click the arrow that appears.
A list of resource names appears.
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