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Assigning work resources to tasks
Drag this vertical divider bar to see more or
less of the table portion of the Gantt Chart view.
In the list of resource names, select the check boxes for Jane Dow and Zac Woodall ,
and then press the Enter key.
Jane and Zac are assigned to task 9.
Click in the Resource Names column for task 10, Channel Sales prep , and then click
the arrow that appears. In the list of resource names that appears, select Zac Woodall
and then press the Enter key.
Zac is assigned to task 10.
Drag the vertical divider bar to the right edge of the Finish column.
In this exercise, you assigned resources using the Assign Resources dialog box and the
Resource Names column in the Gantt Chart view. In addition, you can assign resources in
the Task Form view and on the Resources tab of the Task Information dialog box, among
other places. As you use Project, you’ll likely develop your own preference for the way you
assign resources.
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