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Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
Controlling work when adding or removing
resource assignments
As you saw previously, you define the amount of work that a task represents when you
initially assign a resource or resources to it. When tasks are automatically (as opposed to
manually) scheduled, Project gives you an option to control how it should calculate work on
a task when you assign additional resources to the task or unassign resources from the task.
This option is called effort-driven tasks , and it works like this: The work of a task remains
constant as you assign or unassign resources. As more resources are assigned to a task,
the duration decreases, but the total work remains the same and is distributed among the
assigned resources. You have flexibility in how you apply effort-driven scheduling.
By default, effort-driven scheduling is disabled for all tasks you create in Project. You can
turn on effort-driven scheduling for an entire plan or just specific tasks. You can also use the
options in an Actions list to control how Project should recalculate work on a task
immediately after making a resource assignment. (You’ll do this below.) Effort-driven scheduling
applies only when you assign additional resources or remove resources from automatically
scheduled tasks.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, some time has passed since you made the initial
resource assignments for the new book launch plan. You received some feedback from
the assigned resources that require some adjustments to assignments. As you make these
adjustments, you will control how the revised assignments should affect the tasks.
In this exercise, you add and remove resource assignments on tasks and tell Project how it
should adjust the tasks.
In the Gantt Chart view, click the name of task 5, Design and order marketing
material .
Currently, Toby is assigned to this task. A quick check of the scheduling formula looks
like this:
80 hours (the same as 10 days, or two weeks) task duration × 100% of Toby’s
assignment units = 80 hours of work
Toby needs some help with this task, so you’ll add a resource.
On the Resources tab, in the Assignments group, click Assign Resources .
In the Resource Name column in the Assign Resources dialog box, click Zac Woodall ,
and then click Assign .
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