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Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
Zac is added to the task, and Project updates the scheduling formula values:
80 hours (the same as 10 days, or two weeks) task duration × 200% (that is, the
sum of Toby’s and Zac’s assignment units) = 160 hours work.
Next you will use a feature called the Actions list to control how Project schedules the
work on a task when adding or removing resources. Note the small green triangle
in the upper-left corner of the name of task 5. This is a graphical indicator that an
action is now available. Until you perform another action, you can use the Actions list
to choose how you want Project to handle the additional resource assignment.
Click the name of task 5, and then click the Actions button that appears just to the
left of the task name.
Look over the options on the list that appears.
The small triangle in the upper-left corner of the
field indicates that the Actions list is available.
Click the Actions button to see its options.
You can use these options to choose the scheduling result that you want. You can
adjust the task’s duration, the resources’ work, or the assignment units.
TIP You will see other Actions indicators while using Project. They generally appear
when you might otherwise ask yourself, “Hmm, why did Project just do that?” (such as
when a task’s duration changes after you assign an additional resource). The Actions
list gives you the chance to change how Project responds to your actions.
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