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Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
For this task, you want the additional assignment to mean additional work done in
the original duration. This is the default setting, so you’ll close the Actions list without
making a change.
Click the Actions button again to close the list.
Next you’ll remove a resource from a task and then instruct Project how to schedule
the remaining resource assignment on the task.
Click the name of task 9, Plan author’s travel itinerary.
Currently, both Jane and Zac are assigned to the task. Jane has told you she needs to
complete the planned work alone, but over a longer time period. This is acceptable
to you, so you’ll unassign Zac.
In the Resource Name column in the Assign Resources dialog box, click Zac Woodall ,
and then click Remove .
Project unassigns Zac from the task.
Next you’ll adjust how Project should handle the change in assignments.
Click the Actions button that appears just to the left of the task name.
Click Increase duration, but keep the same amount of work .
Project increases the task’s duration from three to six days, and it increases Jane’s
work total from 24 to 48 hours. This 48 hours is the same total amount of work
on the task when both Jane and Zac were assigned, but now all the work belongs
to Jane.
So far, you’ve been adjusting duration and work values as you add or remove
resources from tasks. You can also change the default setting for a task such that as
you add resources to the task, its duration is decreased. You’ll do so next.
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