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Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
In the Gantt Chart view, click the name of task 10, Channel Sales prep .
Currently, just Zac is assigned to this task, and it has a two-week duration.
In the Task Form , click Effort driven , and then click OK in the upper-right corner of
the Task Form .
There is no change to the duration, units, or work values for this task, but watch what
happens when you assign an additional resource.
In the Gantt Chart view, click the name of task 10, and then, in the Assign Resources
dialog box, click Hany Morcos , and then click Assign .
The task 10 duration is reduced from two weeks to one week. The total work on the
task remains 80 hours, but now it is split evenly between Zac and Hany. This is the
scheduling result you wanted. If it wasn’t, you could use the Actions list to change
how Project responds to the additional resource assignment.
TIP Recall that effort-driven scheduling is disabled by default. To change the default
setting for all new tasks in a plan, do the following. On the File tab, click Options. In
the Project Options dialog box, click Schedule and then under Scheduling Options
For This Project, select the New Tasks Are Effort Driven check box. To control
effortdriven scheduling for a specific task or tasks, first select the task or tasks. Then, on
the Task tab, in the Properties group, click Information, and on the Advanced tab of
the Task Information dialog box, select or clear the Effort Driven check box.
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