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Assigning cost resources to tasks
Cost resource costs, which are a fixed dollar amount you enter when assigning the
cost resource to a task. The amount is not affected by changes in duration or any
other schedule changes to the task, although you can edit the amount at any time.
You can also see cumulative costs resulting from assigning the same cost resource to
multiple tasks.
The costs derived from cost-resource assignments represent planned costs. (Indeed, you
should consider all costs that Project has calculated so far in the schedule to be planned
costs, such as those resulting from work-resource assignments to tasks.) Later, you can enter
actual costs if you want to compare them with the budget.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you want to enter planned travel costs for certain tasks
for the plan for the new book launch.
In this exercise, you assign a work resource and a cost resource to a task.
Click the name of task 17, Author reading and signing at book fair .
This task requires air travel by the author, and you allocated $800 in anticipation of
this expense.
Currently, task 17 has no assigned resource and no cost. First, you’ll assign the author
to the task.
In the Resource Name column in the Assign Resources dialog box, click Toni Poe ,
and then click Assign .
Project assigns Toni Poe, a work resource, to the task. As you can see in the Cost field
of the Assign Resources dialog box, this assignment has no cost. That’s because this
work resource, Toni Poe, has no cost rate or per-use cost. So even though the
assignment generated work, there’s no cost associated with it. Next you’ll assign the cost
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