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Checking the plan’s duration, cost, and work
Both the Timeline view and the project summary task in the Gantt Chart view are
good options for quickly seeing the project’s overall duration and finish date; you
can incorporate these views into your status reporting needs. Next you’ll look at
project costs.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables , and then click Cost .
The Cost table appears, replacing the Entry table.
The Cost table includes various cost values for each subtask. These subtask cost
values roll up to their summary tasks, and ultimately all cost values roll up to the
project summary task.
Note the project summary task’s total cost value: $19,740. This cost value is the
sum of the work-resource assignments plus the one cost resource assignment you
previously made.
Next you will look at some assignment values via a report.
On the Report tab, in the View Reports group, click Resources and then click
Resource Overview .
The Resource Overview report appears.
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