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Checking the plan’s duration, cost, and work
In this report, you can see two charts and one table that contain resource-assignment
details. You might need to vertically scroll the report down to see all of its content.
In the Resource Stats chart in the upper left, note the assigned work values for each
resource. Currently, the chart contains only remaining work values because you have
not yet saved a baseline or reported any actual work. You will do so in Chapter 8,
“Tracking progress.”
The Resource Status table at the bottom of the report is an excellent summary of
each resource’s earliest start dates and latest finish dates of their assignments, as well
as remaining work.
Later when you begin to track progress in the plan, this report will be an excellent
means of sharing resource and work status.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll revisit the project’s overall duration and cost values in
the Project Statistics dialog box.
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