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Key points
On the Project tab, in the Properties group, click Project Information , and then click
Statistics .
Here, again, you see the shorter duration and changed cost and work values.
Click Close .
CLEAN UP Close the Simple Assignments file.
Key points
In Project, a task normally has work associated with it after a work resource (which
can be people or equipment) has been assigned to the task.
You must assign resources to tasks before you can track the progress or cost of
Project follows the scheduling formula Duration × Assignment Units = Work.
Effort-driven scheduling determines whether work remains constant when you assign
additional resources to tasks. Effort-driven scheduling is turned off by default.
The easiest way to understand effort-driven scheduling is to ask yourself this
question: If one person can do this task in 10 days, could two people do it in 5 days?
If so, effort-driven scheduling should be applied to the task.
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