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Customizing a Gantt chart view
Under Presentation Styles , click the orange color scheme.
Project applies this style to the Gantt bars in the plan.
The Gantt bar of task 9, the manually scheduled task, is no longer visually distinct
from the automatically scheduled tasks.
Applying a presentation style to the Gantt Chart view is an option you can use when
you don’t want to distinguish between manual and automatically scheduled tasks—
when showing the Gantt chart to an audience for whom you do not want to make
this distinction, for example.
Your next step in this exercise is to reformat a task name so that it will visually stand
In the Task Name column, right-click the name of task 6, Planning Complete!
This is a milestone task that describes the end of the first phase of the new book
launch at Lucerne Publishing. You’d like to highlight this task name.
In addition to the regular shortcut menu, note the Mini Toolbar.
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