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Customizing a Gantt chart view
On the Mini Toolbar, click the arrow next to the Background Color button, and under
Standard Colors , click yellow.
TIP You can also click the Task tab, and in the Font group, click Background Color.
Background Color button.
Italic button.
Project applies the yellow background color to the task name’s cell.
On the Mini Toolbar, click the Italic button.
Now the milestone task name stands out.
TIP You can quickly remove all text formatting that’s been applied to a value in a cell.
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Clear (looks like an eraser), and then click
Clear Formatting.
You can also format the milestone indicator in the chart. You’ll do this next.
With the name of task 6 still selected, on the Format tab, in the Bar Styles group,
click Format, and then click Bar .
In the Format Bar dialog box, under Start , click the Shape drop-down list.
Project displays the symbols you can use as a Gantt bar starting edge or, in this case
for a milestone, as a milestone symbol.
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