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Customizing a Gantt chart view
Click the star symbol, and then click OK .
Project uses the star symbol as the milestone symbol for this task.
This milestone symbol has been formatted with a custom shape.
TIP In this exercise, you used the Bar command to format a single item on the
Gantt Chart view. You can also customize entire categories of Gantt bars, such as all
milestones, via the Bar Styles command. For more information, see Chapter 17.
As you might have noticed already, Project automatically draws horizontal lines in
the chart portion of a Gantt chart view for just the selected task. These lines help
you visually track from the task’s name and other information on the left side of the
view to its Gantt bar or symbol on the right. To conclude this exercise, you will add
horizontal gridlines for all tasks in the Gantt Chart view.
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