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Customizing a Gantt chart view
On the Format tab, in the Format group, click Gridlines , and then click Gridlines .
Under Lines to change , leave Gantt Rows selected, and in the Type box under
Normal , select the small dashed line (the third option down), and then click OK .
Project draws dashed lines across the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view.
With these dashed lines displayed, the solid horizontal lines Project draws for the
selected task are still clearly visible.
Drawing on a Gantt chart
Project includes a Drawing tool with which you can draw objects directly on the chart
portion of a Gantt chart. For example, if you would like to note a particular event or
graphically call out a specific item, you can draw objects—such as text boxes, arrows,
and other items—directly on a Gantt chart.
You can also link a drawn object to either end of a Gantt bar or to a specific date on
the timescale. Here’s how to choose the type of link you need:
Link objects to a Gantt bar when the object is specific to the task that the Gantt
bar represents. The object will move with the Gantt bar if the task is rescheduled.
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