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Customizing reports
You can use Project’s reports to see details of your plans in a variety of ways. A single
report can include a dynamic mix of tables, charts, and textual content. Unlike most views
in Project, a report is more like a blank canvas onto which you can place whatever elements
(such as tables or charts) that focus on the information of most interest to you. Project
includes several built-in reports, and you can customize those or create your own for the
unique information needs of your project’s stakeholders.
Reports are intended for viewing Project details. You don’t directly edit your plan in a
report as you can in views. However, you can extensively customize what data appears in a
report and how it’s formatted. Reports are especially well suited for sharing with others via
printing or copying.
TIP This section introduces report formatting. For more details about reports, see
Chapter 15, “Viewing and reporting project status,” and Chapter 18.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you want to share the Work Overview report with the
team. However, you’d like to change the formatting of one element in the report.
In this exercise, you change the formatting of a built-in report.
On the Report tab, in the View Reports group, click Dashboards and then click Work
Overview .
The Work Overview report appears.
This report includes several charts that describe work over time and per resource.
Depending on your screen resolution, you might need to vertically scroll the report
to see all of the charts.
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