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Customizing reports
On the left side of the report is the Work Stats column chart. You will change the
formatting of this chart.
Click anywhere in the Work Stats column chart.
As soon as you click the chart, the Field List pane appears on the right side of the
screen. In Chapter 18, you will use Field List to customize the data that is included
in reports. For now, though, your focus is on changing the formatting of the current
Under Chart Tools , click the Design tab. Then in the Chart Styles group, click the
chart style with the black background. (If you hover the mouse pointer over the chart
styles, this chart’s label, Style 6, will appear in a ToolTip).
Project applies the chart style to the Work Stats chart.
TIP Did you notice the Report Tools and Chart Tools labels above the tab labels?
These are contextual tabs that change depending on what type of object you
selected. Explore the design and formatting options available for this chart, and then
select one of the other charts in this report. This report includes three chart types:
column, bar, and line. Each has unique chart styles.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart .
The Gantt Chart view replaces the Work Overview report.
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