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Copying views and reports
Do one of the following:
If you are running Windows 7 or earlier, do this: on the Start menu, click All
Programs , and in the Accessories program group, click WordPad .
If you are running Windows 8, do this: from the Start screen, type wordpad , and
in the Apps results list, click or tap WordPad .
WordPad opens and creates a new document.
In WordPad, click Paste .
WordPad pastes the graphic image of the Gantt Chart view into the new document.
The Gantt Chart view is a standard format for presenting schedules, and it can show
quite a bit of schedule detail.
Switch back to Project.
You copy most other views in Project in a similar way as you just did with the Gantt
Chart view. The Timeline view, however, has unique options for copying, and you’ll
explore these next.
Click anywhere in the Timeline view.
With the focus now on the Timeline, the contextual label of the Format tab changes
to Timeline Tools.
On the Format tab, in the Copy group, click Copy Timeline .
The Copy Timeline options appear.
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