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Copying views and reports
TIP Feel free to experiment with the Copy Timeline options and paste the results into
whatever applications are relevant for you. For this exercise, you’ll paste the results
into WordPad, a rich-text editor included with Windows.
Click Full Size .
Project copies a graphic image of the timeline to the Clipboard.
Switch back to WordPad and then press the Enter key to add some space below the
Gantt chart image.
In WordPad, on the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click Paste .
WordPad pastes the graphic image of the Timeline view into the new document.
Switch back to Project.
So far you’ve worked with the Timeline in its detailed format. To give you more room
on the screen, you’ll switch the Timeline to its less detailed format.
Click anywhere in the Timeline view, and then on the Format tab, in the Show/Hide
group, click Detailed Timeline .
Project toggles the Timeline to its less detailed format. Next you will copy and paste
a report.
On the Report tab, in the View Reports group, click Dashboards and then click Work
Overview .
The same Work Overview report you customized earlier appears.
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