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Copying views and reports
Click anywhere in the Work Overview report and then, under Report Tools , click the
Design tab. In the Report group, click Copy Report .
Project copies a graphic image of the report to the Clipboard.
TIP To copy just one chart from the report, right-click on the outer edge of the chart
you want and, in the shortcut menu that appears, click Copy.
Switch back to WordPad, and then press the Enter key to add some space below the
Timeline image.
In WordPad, click Paste .
WordPad pastes the graphic image of the report into the new document.
You now have in your document copies of the Gantt chart
and Timeline views, as well as the Work Overview report.
Close WordPad without saving the document, and return to Project.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart .
The Gantt chart view replaces the Work Overview report.
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