Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Key points
Here you can see how the report’s pages will print.
Click the Back button to close the Backstage view.
CLEAN UP Close the Simple Formatting file.
Key points
Use the predeined Gantt Chart styles to quickly format a Gantt chart view.
You can format individual Gantt bars or whole categories of Gantt bars by doing the
following: on the Format tab, in the Bar Styles group, click either Bar or Bar Styles.
Add select tasks to the Timeline view when you need to show a simplified graphical
representation of a plan.
Use the Copy Picture feature (accessed by clicking the Task tab in the Clipboard
group) to create a graphic image snapshot of the active view and copy it to the
Clipboard. For the Timeline view, use the Copy Timeline feature (accessed by clicking
the Format tab in the Copy group).
Reports are combinations of tabular data and charts that focus on key aspects of a
plan. You can customize elements in a report.
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