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Saving a baseline of your plan
Saving a baseline of your plan
After developing a plan, one of your most important activities as a project manager is to
record actuals and evaluate project performance. As you record actuals or update your
plan, the original plan will likely change. This makes it difficult to keep track of the plan in
its original state.
To judge project performance properly, you’ll find it helpful to compare the performance
with your original plan. This original plan is called the baseline plan, or just the baseline. A
baseline is a collection of important schedule, cost, and work values, including some values
distributed over time (called timephased values).
TIP In Chapter 14, you will work with timephased values.
When you save a baseline, Project takes a snapshot of the existing values and saves it in
your plan for future comparison. You should save the baseline when
You have developed the plan as fully as possible. (However, this does not mean that
you cannot add tasks, resources, or assignments to the plan after work has started—
this is often unavoidable.)
You have not yet started entering actual values, such as a task’s percentage of
The specific values saved in a baseline include several task, resource, and assignment fields,
as well as timephased fields.
Task Fields
Resource Fields
Assignment Fields
Work and timephased work
Cost and timephased cost
Work and timephased work
Work and timephased work
Cost and timephased cost
Project supports not just one baseline, but up to 11 baselines in a single plan. The first one
is called Baseline , and the rest are Baseline 1 through Baseline 10 . Saving multiple baselines
can be useful for projects with especially long planning phases, in which you might want to
compare different sets of baseline values. For example, you might want to save and
compare the baseline plans every month as the planning details change. Or you might want to
save a new baseline at various points during the execution of the project. You could, for
example, save Baseline before work starts, Baseline 1 a month after work starts, Baseline 2
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