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Saving a baseline of your plan
two months after work starts, and so on. You can then view the various baselines and
compare them to the actual schedule throughout the project’s duration.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, the new book launch plan is now fully developed.
Actual work on the project will soon begin. To allow a later comparison of actual work and
the current schedule with the original plan, you will first save a baseline.
In this exercise, you save the current state of a schedule as a baseline and then view the
baseline task values.
SET UP You need the Simple Tracking_Start file located in your Chapter08 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the Simple Tracking_Start file, and save it as
Simple Tracking.
On the Project tab, in the Schedule group, click Set Baseline , and then click Set
Baseline .
The Set Baseline dialog box appears.
You’ll set the baseline for the entire plan by using the default settings of the
dialog box.
Click OK .
Project saves the baseline, even though there’s no indication in the Gantt Chart view
that anything has changed. You will now see some of the changes caused by saving
the baseline.
TIP When working with a plan that includes a saved baseline, you can see when the
baseline was saved in the Set Baseline dialog box. The date the baseline was saved
appears after the baseline name in the Set Baseline field.
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