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Tracking a plan as scheduled through a specific date
Tracking a plan as scheduled through a
specific date
The simplest approach to tracking progress is to report that the actual work is proceeding
exactly as planned. For example, if the first week of a five-week project has elapsed and all
its tasks have started and finished as scheduled, you can quickly record this in the Update
Project dialog box.
When you record progress through a specific date, Project calculates the actual duration,
the remaining duration, actual costs, and other values up to the date you entered. This
approach might be fine even if the actual work and cost values generated by Project won’t
exactly match what happened in the real world, but are close enough for your
scheduletracking purposes. This is a judgment call that you as a project manager (in consultation
with your project sponsors and other stakeholders) can consider.
TIP Another way to indicate that just certain tasks (not the entire plan) have been
completed as scheduled is to use the Mark On Track command (Task tab, Schedule group).
This command applies only to the selected tasks, and it sets them as complete through the
status date (if you set a status date on the Project tab, Status group, Status Date command).
Or if you have not set a status date, the command applies through the current date.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, some time has passed since saving the baseline in
the new book launch plan. Work has been completed through the first week and a half, as
planned. You need to account for the completed work in the plan.
In this exercise, you track the plan as scheduled through a specific date, resulting in Project
recording project actuals.
On the Project tab, in the Status group, click Update Project .
The Update Project dialog box appears.
Make sure the Update work as complete through option is selected. In the adjacent
date box, type or select 1/14/15 .
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