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Entering a task’s completion percentage
Because task 6 is a milestone task with no duration, there is no change in appearance
of its symbol in the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view as there is for task 8. You
do, however, see the completion check marks for both tasks in the Indicators column.
Next, you’ll get a better look at how progress is displayed in a task’s Gantt bar. You
will enter a completion percentage value for a different task.
Click the name of task 9, Prepare book P&L statement .
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click 50% Complete .
Project records the actual work for the task as scheduled and then draws a progress
bar through part of the Gantt bar.
Note that although 50% of the work on task 9 is completed, the progress bar does
not span 50% of the width of the Gantt bar. This is because Project measures
duration in working time but draws the Gantt bars to extend over nonworking time, which
in this case includes Thursday, January 22, the nonworking day.
In the chart portion (on the right) in the Gantt Chart view, hold the mouse pointer
over the progress bar in task 9’s Gantt bar. When the mouse pointer changes to a
percent symbol and right arrow, a Progress ScreenTip appears.
Depending on the type of bar or symbol you
point to—in this case, the progress bar—a ScreenTip
pops up, providing information about that item.
The mouse pointer changes to a percent symbol
and arrow when pointing to a progress bar.
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