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Entering actual values for tasks
This table includes both the total scheduled work (labeled Work) and Actual and
Remaining work columns. You’ll refer to the values in these columns as you update
In the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view, you can see that task 9 is partially
complete. In the Work table, note the actual work value of 8 hours. This 8 hours is the
result of setting the task at 50% complete in the previous exercise. The task had 16
hours of work total, so 50% complete equals 8 hours of actual work completed and
8 hours remaining. You want to record that the task is now complete but required
more actual work than expected.
In the Actual field for task 9, Prepare book P&L statement , type or select 24 , and then
press Enter.
Project records that 24 hours of work have been completed on task 9. Because 24
hours is greater than the originally scheduled 16 hours (visible in the tasks’ baseline
field), Project marks the task as completed and extends the Gantt bar of the task to
indicate its longer duration.
Actual work is rolled up from the
subtask to the summary tasks.
To conclude this exercise, you will enter actual start dates and durations of other
tasks in the Internal Launch Phase.
In the Task Name column, click task 10, Plan author’s travel itinerary .
This task started one working day ahead of schedule (the Tuesday before its
scheduled start date) and took a total of seven days to complete. You will record this
information in the Update Tasks dialog box.
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click the down arrow to the right of the
Mark on Track button, and then click Update Tasks .
The Update Tasks dialog box appears. This dialog box shows both the actual and
scheduled values for the task’s duration, start, and finish, as well as its remaining
duration. In this box, you can update the actual and remaining values.
In the Start field in the Actual group on the left side of the dialog box, type or select
1/20/15 .
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